Denzel Perryman fined $55,000 for hit on Jalen Hurts

Denzel Perryman fined $55,000 for hit on Jalen Hurts

Raiders linebacker Denzel Perryman was hit with what is believed to be the biggest fine of this NFL season for a hit on Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts.

The NFL fined Perryman $55,000 for unnecessary roughness/use of helmet on Hurts in Week 7, according to ESPN.

The hit in question did not draw a penalty flag at the time, and the fine wasn’t reported at the time. The NFL does not announce all fines but will answer reporters’ specific questions about whether a player was fined. That Perryman’s fine hadn’t previously been reported indicates that none of the reporters who watched the game thought Perryman’s hit was extraordinary enough to ask about — let alone that it would lead to the biggest fine of the year.

It is possible that the NFL hit Perryman harder than usual because he is a repeat offender. It is unclear how many times Perryman has been fined in the past. Perryman is appealing this fine.

Perryman makes a base salary of $990,000, so his fine is the equivalent of one game check.